Tuesday, August 7, 2012

To Blog or Not to Blog…

Dear friends,

I’m sorry for neglecting this blog. I’m starting to feel like that aunt who you only see at a family gathering every four years or so. Well, hopefully I will be cool Aunt Emma, with an iPad and a string of former lovers, and someone you want to meet for lunch. I’ll try not to be like Aunt Bertha. You know – the one who complains you never write or call or email, even though she doesn’t own a computer. Yes. Let’s pretend I’m Aunt Emma.

Truth is, I’m worried I’ll run out of subjects to blog about. As it turns out, once you are a published author, people invite you to guest blog on their sites. It’s super cool, but also a huge responsibility. After all, I don’t want to bore readers to tears.

                So basically, I will try to come up with some cool, totally original things to blog and write them down, to be one step ahead of everyone. *snorts* One step ahead…who am I kidding?

            Let’s start with last week. I went to Vegas for a couple of days and met with other Entangled authors and editors, and it was such a positive experience. How lucky was I to be amongst such high-caliber authors and professionals? There were networking and presentations, and I even attended Annie Seaton’s book signing.

            I met Annie Seaton through New Voices last year, and since then I’ve been bugging her. She’s helped me as an editor, webpage designer, friend, virtual soundboard…and in person, she’s even nicer. :D I also loved meeting Ann Harrison, who is a lady full of spunk and charisma. Both very talented Aussie authors.

            Liz Pelletier’s presentations are always sharp and funny. She probably thinks I’m an Aunt Bertha for sure, because I think so highly of her that I act nothing like Aunt Emma around her.

            Well, that’s it for today. I just wanted to drop by and say hello. J

            Stay tuned – the talented and lovely Michele de Winton will guest blog on here this week!

           Until later,
           Carmen :)

Having dinner with authors Kate Evangelista, Ann Harrison, Mary Lindsey & Annie Seaton :)


  1. Gorgeous photo of you all!!

    I SO wish I'd been there too,Carmen. Maybe next time, or the time after that ... :0)

    1. Thanks, Rachel! :)
      I know, I can't wait to meet you IRL :D
      It will happen, I'm sure :)