Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving, folks!

This is the time to say thanks. Some of you might totally backlash the people on Facebook who have been giving thanks every day for a different thing. You might say they should be thankful every day and not just during the month of November. People, wake up – this is like saying we should give each other gifts every day and not just during Christmas. Or give little romantic surprises to our loved ones every month and not only during February. Oh, hey, wait a moment… I see the trend here.

Well, because I’m too lazy to post on Facebook every day, I’m just compiling everything here and honestly hope this won’t make you throw up. If you do, blame it on Aunt Bertha’s sketchy cranberry sauce.

I’m super thankful for my readers who keep buying my book.

Thanks to my support system: my extraordinary critique partners: Cara Carnes, my fabulous Austin-based writing buddy whom I love to stalk; Aurelia B. Rowl, a force of nature in so many ways – thanks for helping me when I really needed it; and the talented Michele de Winton, I can't wait to start spamming your inbox, LOL.  And also Annie Seaton and Hayson Manning, two amazing writers who have turned into lifelong friends, I’m sure.

Thanks to my hubby, for always making sure I have time to write. He says when I don’t write I get moody. As if! :)

Thanks to my daughter, Scarlett, for always showing me what my priorities are, even when I try to fool myself.

And of course, thanks to my family and best friends, particularly my good friend Dina, who’s kindly invited us over for Thanksgiving dinner! Which means I can get away with bringing wine and flowers – if that’s not a great reason to be thankful, I don’t know what is. :)

Okay. There it is!

Now go get that cranberry sauce stain off your blouse before it’s too late… and Happy Thanksgiving! :)
Until later,


  1. HAPPY THANKSGIVING, Carmen! Oooh, I wanna try Aunt Bertha's Cranberry sauce! lol x

    1. Thank you so much, Sam! I had a wonderful day :) Oh yes. The cranberry sauce! LOl

  2. Oh wow!

    I... um... seem to have something in my eye; dust or an eyelash maybe?


  3. Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving, Carmen. We just had the Diwali festival here in India. The Festival of Lights.

    1. I did, thank you! I heard great things about the Diwali. India is on my bucket list :)