Thursday, April 25, 2013

Catching Up with Jenny Brigalow

Morning, folks! Are y'all ready for a HOT rodeo rider?

The talented Jenny Brigalow stopped by to catch up and tell us about her debut romance, A Man for All Seasons. Gosh, don't you just love her cover? She's also giving away a copy of her ebook, so please leave a comment!

The Blurb:

When successful rodeo rider and racehorse trainer Chad Cherub steps off the plane at Heathrow, love is the last thing on his mind. He’s travelled from Australia to do a business deal with the wealthy entrepreneur and racehorse fanatic, Walter Driscoll. However, he soon finds himself distracted by Wally’s gorgeous daughter, Seraphim.

Sweet, spoiled Seraphim, a gifted dressage rider, is also distracted. Engaged to the eminently suitable Barry Wellington-Worth, the arrival of cool, confident Chad forces her to re-examine her life. When she discovers the devastating truth that she does not love Barry, and learns that Chad’s cook has been injured, Seraphim jumps at the chance to take up the position on his remote property and scape the confines of her English life.

In the great dust bowl of the Australian Outback the couple find they have more in common than horses. Their love blooms as they work hard to start a new life together. But Seraphim’s family, and the past, threatens to tear them apart. It is only when the truth is laid bare that the barriers are broken own

What inspired you to write A Man For All Seasons?

A visit to the Outback. It's just so vast and the people that live there are  so tough and resilient. Such a contrast to England's gentle, green terrain. It was wonderful to be able to bring the two contrasting landscapes together between the covers of a book.

Describe A Man For All Seasons in 140 characters.

Love overcoming all the odds in the Outback

What actor or actress would play Chad and Seraphim in a movie?

I'd love to see two fresh faces! There are so many talented young people out there just waiting for a chance.

What advice would you give someone experiencing writers block?

Firstly,  I'd say don't worry too much . I think that a writing block is just part of the process. It will go away! I've got a few ways of dealing with it. Sometimes a break helps. (A cuppa and bit of chocolate helps most things.)  Also, going out for a walk seems to oil the cogs. Cheers my dogs up too. When it's a major hurdle I get out the pen and paper and start scribbling. I use flow charts to try and create a new path. And always I try to remember that this is my story. My place. And my people. I can do anything. So, when in doubt, go nuts. You can always come back and change it.


What's next for you?

I'm busy polishing another romance, set in north Queensland based around the rodeo scene. And also I'm researching for a YA fantasy series that I'm developing. And finally I'm writing the third and final novel for my Overlander trilogy. Lots to keep me out of mischief.

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  1. Hi Carmen and thanks for your hospitality today.

    1. My pleasure! I'll have to carve some time this weekend to read your book, it sounds very intriguing!

  2. Hi Carmen, thanks for having Jenny as your guest today!

    1. My pleasure! Isn't it lovely to learn about other authors?

  3. Hi Carmen, Hello Jenny!

    It was lovely to read all your answers to Carmen's questions Jenny! We got to know you a little better now!

    Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Great interview, Jenny. Thanks Carmen.

  5. Great interview, Carmen. And inspiring answers, Jenny!!
    I will definitely read your book! Thanks a lot both of you. ^^

  6. Hello Nas and Maria, thanks for taking the time to join us. Hi Editors At Work, thanks for dropping in. Glad you enjoyed the chat. Hi Samantha, thanks for sharing. And Amelia, lovely to hear from you, and I hope you enjoy reading A Man For All Seasons as much as I enjoyed writing it.

  7. I've used and am excited to announce Samantha Darling is the giveaway winner! Samantha, I got in touch with Maria and you should receive your eBook soon! Fun times!