Monday, April 14, 2014

A Night of Misbehaving is here!

Hello, World!

I'm proud to announce my Indulgence novella, A Night of Misbehaving, is available on Amazon & Barnes&Noble today. Like right now! :) Also, I'm hosting a fabulous release party on FB tonight; you don't wanna miss it! Click here to join us and enter for cool giveaways!

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For just one night, Georgia Taylor wants to
forget about her demanding job and the everyday struggles of being a single mom. Her track record with men is pitiful, but that’s fine because her responsibilities don’t leave room for love anyway. The new online dating site is perfect for what she’s after.

But Georgia’s plans are crushed when Brent Turner, aka Sexy Dad and father of her daughter’s classmate, turns out to be her internet date, therefore, eliminating any possibility for a night without consequences.

All of Brent Turner’s honorable intentions fly out the window when he sees highly strung “Super Mom” waiting for her date at the bar. Determined to win Georgia’s trust and show her a good time, their no-strings evening promises to become so much more…until, that is, she discovers what he's really up to.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Super Mom. Super Wife. Super Tired.

I saw this bumper sticker online (you can purchase on cafe  and almost bought it. Oh, society’s expectations for us women to “be all we can be” and wear many hats! Many times, when we’re not giving our best, we’re still giving our very best. Make sense?

It is exhausting to (try to) juggle it all, though I wouldn’t have it any other way. Single moms and women in general, with their struggles and successes, have inspired me to write my upcoming release, a contemporary romance novella called A Night of Misbehaving.

Georgia Taylor is a successful, hardworking single mom who hasn’t had a night of fun in a long time. Always attuned to career goals and school activities, she decides to join a dating site to get back into the game.

Although it’s a quick, short read, I really hope readers will get a good sense of who she is, which will make her date with Brent Turner (the sexiest dad, but one with a hidden agenda!) even more intriguing.

So stay tuned. A Night of Misbehaving will be hitting the e-shelves April 14th! :) 

Take care,

Carmen :-) 

Monday, March 17, 2014


If you’re into reading romance, winning cool giveaways and helping me promote my books, please join my street team! Think random questions, quirky pictures, and an all-around feel-good online group. It will be tons of fun. I promise a Magic Mike DVD autographed by Channing Tatum. Okay, maybe just the DVD to a lucky winner. But hey we can still all dream about Channing together!

Please send me a message so I can invite you and let’s get the party started! J

Monday, February 3, 2014

How to Deal with Your Child’s Imaginary Friend

No, really, what do you do?
Last year, when her baby brother was born, Scarlett befriended someone named Katie. All of a sudden, she started talking about this great, awesome little girl she knew. There was no one with that name at her school, swim class or gym. I went through friends’ kids’ names in my head, but no. Katie was straight-up fake.
            A couple of other moms I talked to assured me that was normal. Scarlett started to talk about Katie a lot, and pretended to call and text message her. (Apparently, Katie’s mom had really loose rules when it came to the amount of time her five-year-old spent on the phone.) Whenever I was changing a diaper or spending time with the baby, Scarlett brought up Katie. Katie could do triple somersaults in a fraction of a second. Katie had won special badges for helping the government with some child spy work. Katie’s laughter had been made into an official iPhone ring tone. Hell, I wanted to be Katie!
            Of course my mom was over once, and she, upon hearing all the shenanigans Katie was up to, suggested we splash some holy water all over the house. Yeah. She’d seen too many blockbusters where the imaginary friend was actually a ghost clinging to the world of the living. Listening to my mom go on and on about all the scary movies she’d seen made me realize that (1) that one with Robert De Niro was a flop. What were they thinking in casting Rebecca Romijn as his wife? (2) My mom is a rock star when it comes to remembering movies’ synopses, even if they are forty years old. Her age, though, she can’t ever recall.
            So. Katie claimed even a seat at the dinner table. According to Scarlett, not only was Katie cool, playful and outgoing…but her mom also let her do tons of stuff I didn’t let Scarlett do. Of course.
            A light bulb was finally lit. One day, as a jealous Scarlett was whining over all the attention her brother was getting (as if!), I said, “You know, Katie has a baby brother and she’s very sweet to him. I know that for a fact.”

            Scarlett folded her arms and said, “Katie doesn’t exist. I made her up.” And just like that, Katie was gone from our lives. Weird, isn’t it?

Thursday, November 28, 2013

What I’m Thankful For

Indoor pluming. Spanx. Health insurance. Milk chocolate Milano cookies.
The list goes on and on… and of course the love and support from my family and friends, even though that’s a given. I mean, really, how could I not be thankful? Someone should give my husband a medal. I have never seen someone so hard working, inspiring, and the best of all, he puts up with all my b.s. That’s gold, ladies.
My gorgeous daughter, who still thinks I’m funny and cool. One day she’ll be hiding from me at the mall. One day she’ll slam the door behind her, and on that day I’ll be especially thankful for Milano cookies.
My baby son. Every part of the crazy journey to get you here was worth it. You’re a hell of a writing buddy, too. Having you smile and nod at every nonsense that comes out of my mouth gives me the confidence to keep going.
I’m thankful that someone created e-readers. I mean, it was a silent revolution that’s completely changed the lives of those who dared to try it. How awesome is it to be able to download a book in less than a minute, and read it from your couch without having to drive all the way to B&N? How awesome it is to be able to read more, since the e-books are super affordable, thus also giving a lot of new authors a voice?
I’m thankful for my outstanding critique partners. Aurelia, I’m in awe of your perseverance, your enthusiasm, your commitment. You inspire me to be a better writer, to try harder, to write faster. I know I can always count on you. Hayson, my dear CP and support system… love you. Love you. Love you. Emotions pours from your writing, and your suggestions are fabulous. Michele, the plot master. The cool chick. The legend! I’ve learned so much from you, and am so glad we’ve found each other. Your resourcefulness puts me to shame. You rock.
I’m thankful for having found a home for my books at Entangled, this fantastic publisher that’s setting itself apart from others. Everyone is just so invested, and it’s such a joy to be a part of the team. They’re so open, and warm, and best of all, respectful of my voice. Priceless.
Last but certainly not least, I’m thankful for my best friends, who are really my extended family. Thanks to my good friends, and even to my frenemies – thanks to you, I (try to) diet. Thanks to my readers, and the handful of you who stop by my blog once in a while. J

Now… where’s the turkey?