Monday, January 11, 2016

When fantasy becomes reality...


Are you ready to misbehave? A WEEKEND OF MISBEHAVING is out now. I am beyond excited!! I don't know if you read A NIGHT OF MISBEHAVING, but even if you haven't, you will enjoy WEEKEND. It's a standalone with a fabulous HEA and characters that will sweep you off your feet.

 In A WEEKEND OF MISBEHAVING, Carmen Falcone hits all the right notes: the story is great, the plot air-tight, the writing lively and fresh; it is a fabulously entertaining read" –Fresh Fiction

When fantasy becomes reality…

The last thing nanny Alice Sommers needs is to be caught skinny-dipping by her sexy, cranky-pants boss—in his pool. Her sister owes a crap-load of money to a slimy loan shark and Alice really needs this job if she has any hope of saving her family. Fortunately, her boss is richer than sin and needs her just as much.
Art dealer Lorenzo Baldi will lose his prestigious career if his anarchist father’s paintings are revealed to the art world. He’s determined to persuade the paintings’ eccentric owner to sell them to him, even if to pull it off, he’ll have to blackmail his daughter’s nanny—a woman with the sexy curves of a Botticelli masterpiece—into being his fake fiancé.
The gorgeous island of Capri inspires some major misbehaving. But even as the loan shark breathes down Alice’s neck and the paintings move closer to the art scene, Lorenzo drops one more bomb that will change everything.
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