Monday, April 7, 2014

Super Mom. Super Wife. Super Tired.

I saw this bumper sticker online (you can purchase on cafe  and almost bought it. Oh, society’s expectations for us women to “be all we can be” and wear many hats! Many times, when we’re not giving our best, we’re still giving our very best. Make sense?

It is exhausting to (try to) juggle it all, though I wouldn’t have it any other way. Single moms and women in general, with their struggles and successes, have inspired me to write my upcoming release, a contemporary romance novella called A Night of Misbehaving.

Georgia Taylor is a successful, hardworking single mom who hasn’t had a night of fun in a long time. Always attuned to career goals and school activities, she decides to join a dating site to get back into the game.

Although it’s a quick, short read, I really hope readers will get a good sense of who she is, which will make her date with Brent Turner (the sexiest dad, but one with a hidden agenda!) even more intriguing.

So stay tuned. A Night of Misbehaving will be hitting the e-shelves April 14th! :) 

Take care,

Carmen :-) 

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