Monday, October 15, 2012

Gym Confessions: Week Four


I know what you’re thinking – you never thought I’d get this far, did you? Well, get in line. Even my hubby was surprised at my willingness to get sweaty with something other than, well…you get the picture, right? I worked out four times last week to celebrate my fourth week. Which means I got out of my comfy house on a rainy day and worked out on a SATURDAY, folks!

Yep. A Saturday.

To my surprise, the gym was almost deserted. I should like that, but actually I like it when people see me working out – it’s like having witnesses. I still hate to stretch in front of people, though, so that’s why I get these awful back pains the next day. My trainer always asks me if I’m doing my stretches at home, and I always say, of course, yes. She already knows too much about me – more than it is legally allowed: she knows my age, my weight, and next week that bitch will have my cholesterol level in her dossier. Basically, even my former therapist doesn’t know all these things about me. These things are personal, damn it!

So yes, this week I’ll be doing a health screen test. Suggested by whom? My trainer. (I love the way it sounds, as if I train every day!) She had to add that little twist when things were going so well. (All’s relative.) So not only did I find out sometime ago I have the body of a 63-year-old, I’ll also get more depressing news this Friday. I hope they’ll have paramedics on standby. And don’t worry, I’ll tell you all about it.  :)

I must vent to someone. I could never tell these things to my mother or sisters, for instance. My mom is very fit for her age (which remains a family secret, and people have disappeared under suspicious circumstances while trying to find out); my three sisters are all painfully skinny. Meh. I still like to think if we ever fought for world dominance, I totally could take them down. Not that I think about doing these things to them. Ever.

Well, if you think I’m more muddy and bitter than normal, you’re right. After all, this is Week Four. :)

Someone please throw a carb-filled calorie bomb treat at me. Right now.

There. Much better.

Take care and until later,


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